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This report was written for OM magazine (, and was featured Autumn 2012. OM journal is one of the top national yoga journals and can be purchased in Tescos. Susannah also has a standard feature in OM identified as  ‘Spot the Difference’.
Respiration for a Far better Being pregnant and Birth
Breathing well is particularly important throughout being pregnant when you are breathing for your unborn infant as well as on your own. Each breath nourishes your baby with new oxygenated blood and can take waste products away. Your breathing also carefully rocks your toddler with the ebb and flow of your breath.
 Higher & Lower
When we breathe completely and smoothly we feel calm and no cost. This usually involves breathing reduced into your stomach. During action and when experiencing strain our respiration moves increased up in the upper body. Breathing greater up in each day daily life will enhance emotions of stress and anxiety. The converse is also accurate. If you develop into acutely aware of your breathing, and enable it to settle lower into your stomach you will come to feel more relaxed. In pregnancy as your infant grows you could experience as sense of ‘less place to breath’ and of your breath becoming bigger and quicker. This can be misunderstood as stress and anxiety, in pregnancy this lighter higher breathing is perfectly healthier.
Decrease Panic & Sense Superior
Throughout pregnancy it is typical to working experience some stress and anxiety as you grow into starting to be a mother. Standard stages do not damage your toddler but knowing how to breathe very well will assistance you experience superior. This can be especially practical during processes that you are not searching forward to, for occasion giving blood or internal exams. You can help yourself enjoy pregnancy by focusing on a steady comfortable out breath.
Look, Pay attention & Really feel
Viewing and listening to your breath can assist maximize positive emotions and convey you back again to your self. This process of noticing the breath and focusing on it is identified as breath consciousness. You can listen to the noise of your respiration, see your system increase and drop with each breath, and feel the enlargement in your lungs. You may even feel movements in your backbone and pelvic flooring as you breathe. Breath awareness will assist you gently settle your thoughts and emotions throughout your being pregnant.
Yogic Breathing
Traditional yogic breathing techniques cleanse, balance, warmth and cool the human body. Nadi shodhana (alternate nostril respiratory) is superior for balancing the overall body by stimulating the remaining and suitable sides. This is good for pregnancy as it can carefully energise, or rest, relying on what you want most at that time. Several yoga respiratory techniques are too strong for pregnancy so there are breathing methods have been developed which have been specially devised for being pregnant.
Conscious Respiration for Start
Using breath awareness all through labour will assist you function with your body and turn out to be additional intuitive. Consciously observing your out breath will focus your mind, which enables your body’s pure intelligence to get on with the occupation it demands to do, unhampered by your ideas. Conscious breathing will support you experience continuous, and belief your physique to ‘go with’ the experience. Think about you are blowing absent any discomfort or anxiety to support you keep in the moment.
Delivery-Day Respiratory
Specialised respiration procedures act as a pure form of ‘pain relief’. These practises concentrate on a very long exhalation and gentle mouth. Birth-Day breathing and Dandelion respiration adapt to your wants during each contraction. Each contraction improves to a peak, and then decreases once again – in these Start-Day breathing procedures your breathing does the similar. Numerous girls arrive again to YogaBirth class full of amazement about how these respiration techniques have labored so well for them.
‘It created a Big Big big difference – the respiratory is effective wonders!’ Leeza Minns
Your Beginning, Breath & Infant
Your respiration connects you with your little one all over pregnancy, labour and birth. Bringing your infant into the planet is a person of the most important points you will at any time do, and respiratory your baby into the world is a stunning, satisfying way to do it.
Susannah has written and illustrated ‘Yoga & respiratory for pregnancy & birth’. This addresses  yoga, specialised breathing procedures and active birth positions and is offered from and

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