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This early morning I had 4 vintage Raleighs, but when I observed an advertisement for Raleigh bicycle with fender and pump…well I appeared and I saw the worn “LEN.. ON” decal, then I went and purchased my fifth classic Raleigh. Oh, and it is my sizing.

It doesn’t search or sense like anything at all has been asked to rotate for various a long time, but it typically seems first and in a largely audio rust-absolutely free situation. Overall, I consider it is a bicycle that I can get it again on the street with a weighty support then exchange non-original elements as they come readily available.

I know for selected that the Shimano rear derailleur and 5 speed cassette are not authentic spec. EBay had the suitable Benelux derailleur and it is on the way, but really don’t know something about the first cassette other than it was 4 velocity so I have some digging that desires to be done. And I’ve by no means found a stem like that, questioning if that is that primary? There are likely other non-authentic factors, but at this position I do not know.

I have only discovered a couple of web sites that have any spec’s so sleuthing this precise bicycle is rather of an educated guess. I have browse by way of both equally Sheldon Brown Retro Raleighs and an substantial document at the web page On the Drops Site which is to some degree of a Lenton historical document. Rims, brakes, cable operated front derailleur as perfectly as paint and markings all feel to place to this getting a US spec 1960 Lenton Grand Prix, what I see referred to as the final authentic Raleigh Lenton. Later designs used the identify on a far more mass generated and lessen spec bicycle.

For now, this will consider it’s put in line, that is hanging in the garage waiting around for me to have the time and the pieces to restore.

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