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Thank you! – Aura Yoga

I’m so grateful for all my great Christmas presents from my yoga loved ones.
Each and each a person of you, phenomenal souls, are remarkable and my lifetime is richer for you all.
Julieanne has excelled herself yet again this yr with these kinds of thoughtful, positively amazing gifts.
I was amazed and delighted to be treated to my Christmas food at our celebration at The Helpful Fox, which was scrumptious. Excellent corporation, foods, drink and enjoyment.
Then at course much more surprises – a bag whole of offers to open throughout the session. I enjoy them all and am enthusiastic to use the skating objects in distinct. I will take some motion photographs to share with you.

Thank you so a lot for your kindness, generosity, particularly of heart.
Once upon a time I acquired every Yoga with Geri attendee a present but we’ve expanded so considerably that I now use a random choice possibility for 2 students from just about every class to get an Aura Yoga & Homoeopathy voucher. To individuals who received 1 I hope you actually love paying out it. It could be your convert next to those who have not obtained one particular this time.
Enjoy the festive holiday seasons and you should keep in mind to activate your 1 Minute Motion routines! I appear forward to looking at, and sharing the photos to include to our Yoga Anytime Anyplace Anywhere album.

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