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The Nadi-fascial Method and Indra’s Web

‘So you have listened to of ‘nadis’ and listened to of ‘fascia’, but the nadi-fascial technique? I would like to officially coin the expression. Allow me get started with fascia….Experts are only definitely figuring out what fascia is and what it is not. Until eventually not long ago, it was stripped off cadavers by researchers and thrown in the bin, so that they could review muscles, bones, organs and many others., believing them to be more important. In the previous 15 many years, science has realised that fascia is so a lot extra than what made use of to be referred to as ‘the white stuff beneath the skin’. In the following studying, I suggest that western science is starting up to catch up with something that the historic yogis have recognized for hundreds of several years already….The fascial system is now recognised as a single continuous construction that connects everything in the entire body from the undersurface of the skin, by way of the muscle groups, tendons, bones, organs all the way down to the nucleus of the mobile. Fascia can be divided into cells these kinds of as fibroblasts, adipocytes and white blood cells. and a colloid gel-like substance referred to as the further-mobile matrix or ECM. The ECM is defined as a 3 dimensional network of extracellular macromolecules, these kinds of as collagen, enzymes and glycoproteins. Fascia is extremely innervated. There are 3 instances as numerous sensory neutrons as there are motor neurons embedded inside of the fascial matrix. The volume of sensory information is larger than that of eyesight. Hence, fascia can be considered of as the body’s biggest sensory organ. Due to the fact of its sensory proprioceptive nature, some experts like Joanne Avison refer to it as the ‘6th sense’.  This definition acknowledges fascia as a bridge in between the physical and metaphysical. In the same way, in his e-book, Fascia, what it is and why it matters, David Lesondak usually takes the definition a stage additional and asks us to ‘consider the extracellular matrix as being the Higg’s subject in the body’. In 2012, quantum physics proved the existence of the Higg’s Boson particle, also knows as the God particle, which validates the existence of a field which permeates the overall universe and is the foundation of all issue.  Like the Higgs subject, the ECM connects and interpenetrates all the things in our inner universe. Lesondak refers to ECM as “the house inside of the body’. We come across space in the oesophagus to enable soak up foods, the intestine to take in important nutrition, in the coronary heart to pump and receive blood to name but a number of illustrations. We are inclined to consider of room as the nothingness in-among the reality that we dwell in. Having said that the knowledge teachings also tell us that room or Kala is also a container for a industry of existence referred to Akasha. This is an invisible area of intelligence that fills the vacuum of room and can be described as the central anxious program of the universe. It is an invisible energetic network that connects every single living point. Pythagoreus referred to it as “the music of the spheres” (planets) as the nature of Akasha is seem. The Vedic teachings also refer to Akasha as “Indra’s web”. Indra’s website is the layer within the vacuum of house that reaches into the infinite, exactly where previous, present and potential exist at the same time. The world wide web is composed of smaller pearls, like drops of dew on a spider’s web. Each dew fall contains the reflection of all the other dew drops and each reflected dew fall reflects the reflections of all the other dew drops and so on, advertisement infinitum.Fashionable analysis also suggests that the Akasha is also acutely aware on some amount, expressing itself as an all-observing eye and keeping a document of occasions known by psychics as the Akashic records. Similarly, it is the fascia in the system that ‘keeps the score’, recording our traumas, thoughts, thoughts and as fascial professional Tom Myers would say “our difficulties in our tissues’.. According to the historical yogis, we have 3 entire body layers, the bodily, refined and causal bodies. When we appear at fascia in relation to these physique layers, a new viewpoint emerges. The bodily bodyIn relation to fascia, the physical physique expresses itself as ECM and cells these types of as fibroblasts, adipocytes and white blood cells. The physical physique operates via the factors of earth and water and relates to our acutely aware intellect and sense of separate moi.. The Subtle BodyIn delicate anatomy, this is the electrical circuitry or anxious procedure reaction in the body. It also relates to our unconscious mental and psychological processes and therefore expresses alone through the Meningeal fascia that surrounds the anxious program and the brain. It operates as a result of the aspect of light. The Causal Overall body In delicate anatomy, this is the causal magnetic layer of the soul. The element of us that is linked with everything in the entire existence. It operates by means of the factor of seem and relates to our unconscious psychological processing. All physique levels overlap. The bodily is a vessel for the electric powered and magnetic energies of the subtle and causal bodies. According to the historic yogis, our actual physical physique properties a community of 72,000 nadis or channels that link anything in the system, as does fascia. Can we deduct as a result that  the network of nadis in the historic mapping of the fascial matrix? We could argue dualistically that the nadi layer is extra delicate than the fascial community, operating on the level of the magnetic, which is the language of the soul. That the nadi community is only worried with non secular evolution and hence individual to somatic functions. Or we could acquire the more integrative non-twin technique, which acknowledges that the soul channels interconnect with our mental and physical operations, by using the fascia,  bridging the refined and causal entire body levels.Consequently the fascial technique is so much extra than the entire body stocking that surrounds the muscle groups and organs. Its is even a lot more than the premier sensory proprioceptive organ. The fascial program, or nadi-fascial technique if we combine the language of the soul and science,  is also the container for Indra’s web in just, connecting our interior and outer worlds  and reflecting our divine essence as dew on a raindrop in the limitless net of existence. Om Tat Sat

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