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The Nine Distinct Types of Trampers

We all know that mate who’s late to just about every occasion. Or the person who under no circumstances replies to team chats and just leaves all people on read (guilty). These are stereotypes for a reason!

Very well tramping is no stranger to cliches as nicely. Any individual who’s ever tramped with a team of buddies will know that there are particular varieties of trampers in every group. The man or woman who’s constantly halting to appear at the watch (and not-so-secretly catching their breath), the person who under no circumstances knows where they are and would in no way make it back to the carpark on their personal, the individual who normally provides the Ideal treats.

You could recognise some of your good friends in the below record of tramper stereotypes, but a extra essential problem is: which sort of tramper are you??

Scroll on down for the incredibly official listing of the 9 distinctive forms of trampers.

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The Nine Distinct Forms of Trampers:

1. You are the …

“Are We There Yet” Tramper

For this tramper it’s certainly all about the vacation spot, not the journey. They might enjoy investing time in backcountry huts, the sights from the tops of mountains, or the reduction of soaking sore muscles in purely natural very hot pools, but they absolutely don’t like the several hours used trudging through the wilderness to achieve these spots.

Signals that you are travelling with an “Are We There Yet” Tramper are the evident problem currently being repeated more than and over yet again, or conversely a silent close friend who only perks up when you arrive at your location. Phrase of warning: by no means inform an “Are We There Yet” Tramper that they are “almost there”, when they are in truth much more than 10 minutes’ stroll absent.

The “Are We There Yet” tramper pairs perfectly with the Meals Motivated Tramper, the Photographer or the One particular Who’s Always Hurt as this assures regular breaks will be taken, but they do not combine effectively with the King’s Scout Tramper.

You could possibly like this vacation:

Lake Daniell

A shorter, relatively flat stroll will get you to this picturesque lake, with a model new hut!

2. You’re the …

Foodstuff Enthusiastic Tramper

If your priority when packing your gear is about the food stuff you’re taking, and you get energized about all the treats you’re “allowed” when tramping, then you’re probably a Food stuff Enthusiastic Tramper. Ways to spot a Food Determined Tramper are: hip pockets loaded with snacks, meals that leave everybody else’s mouthes watering, and non-cease chat about what food they’re going to have once they return to civilisation (commencing in the auto on the way to the trailhead).

Food stuff Enthusiastic Trampers make excellent tramping companions and can go on some epic visits, so lengthy as there is foodstuff conveniently accessible at all moments. Term of warning: Food stuff Determined Trampers can easily turn out to be “hangry”. Often have unexpected emergency food items at the ready if you travel with a person, or undergo the penalties. Food stuff Inspired Trampers pair perfectly with The Inspector Gadget Tramper, whose fancy cooker will make confident their food is served as speedily as attainable at the time the hut is achieved.

You might like this vacation:

Mason Bay

Flying in to the remote Mason Bay on Rakiura / Stewart Island suggests fat is significantly less of a worry and you can pack whatever food you want (for the initial evening at least). We packed pre-cooked spaghetti bolognaise with fresh veggies, and experienced pancakes for breakfast!

3. You’re the …

Mountain Goat

If you are this form of tramper, you are going to know it – people today just cannot resist indicating how “you’re such a Mountain Goat“, as they sit observing you scramble around rocks. Typically they’ll seem fatigued, which is difficult to realize given that the tracks ‘aren’t even that difficult’. Mountain Goats seem to be to have a larger base level of physical fitness than most, and can just retain putting a single foot in entrance of the other for as long as important. They have a good perception of balance, and delight in climbing – the a lot more challenging vacation, the greater!

Photographers love Mountain Goats, considering that they never thoughts operating all over the landscape though the photographer queries for the most effective framed pictures. Mountain Goats also operate properly with Foodstuff Determined Trampers, due to the fact for some explanation Mountain Goats are usually hungry and needing to refuel.

You could possibly like these trips:

Mt Fox Route

This is a steep climb up to a basically breathtaking viewpoint over Fox Glacier / Te Moeka o Tuawe. The best location to camp and capture a beautiful west coast sunset.

Taranaki Summit

The second greatest volcano in New Zealand is a excellent adventure, perfect for a Mountain Goat!

4. You’re the …

Inspector Gadget Tramper

This tramper has all of the gear and all of the thoughts. When the Inspector Gadget Tramper isn’t tramping, they’re investigating the crap out of what equipment they are going to buy subsequent. This variety of tramper starts out in op outlets with a modest price range, but it soon develops into a big habit that consumes a good deal of their non-tramping time. Subsequent factor you know, they’re eagerly awaiting their fourth on the web purchase for the month (mainly because “everyone is aware of the greatest gear comes from Europe”), and greeting the courier by title.

The Inspector Gadget Tramper is a fantastic tramping companion, so prolonged as they’re ready to share their gear and expertise. But do not question how a lot they’ve put in on tramping gear (you honestly really do not want to know) or how they fund this ‘hobby’. And if you benefit your lifetime, Never ever split any of their equipment.

You could like these outings:

Emily Go

Want to use your high priced GPS (and expertise) to route-locate your way up waterfall faces and camp out in the mountains using all your extravagant gear? This excursion is perfect for you (so lengthy as you don’t head some steep scrambling).

The Milford Track

The stunning new Mintaro Hut has charging ports, so if you’re the form of Inspector Gadget Tramper who has a great deal of electronics, this is the great trip for you. You will in all probability also be all in excess of profitable the race that is the DOC scheduling procedure, but just in scenario, I’d suggest reading this weblog put up for all the hacks.

5. You’re the …


The Photographer has a good eye for framing, lighting and topics. Their Instagram or Facebook is generally crammed with gorgeous pictures of wilderness. This kind of tramper basically has two sub-groupings the social media influencer (who has mastered the artwork of the tripod) and the landscape/wildlife photographer (who knows the names of all the indigenous birds they see). Despite the fact that outfits design differs broadly involving the two groups, they each choose regular pauses for images all through the day and usually select tramps based mostly on their aesthetic.

The Photographer is astonishingly robust from carting all their weighty gear around, and is the great companion if you want to have your journey well documented visually. Term of warning: do not attempt to appeal to a Photographer’s notice through golden hour, or get in their way if an lovable wild animal has wandered into see.

The Photographer pairs nicely with the Food items Determined Tramper (who requires gain of all the stops for treats), and the Inspector Gadget Tramper who will very likely love to discussion the pros and disadvantages of unique lens and versions.

You might like these excursions:

Pouakai Tarns

These tarns were on the deal with of the New Zealand Lonely Planet guide, so when they are not exactly a effectively-held magic formula, they ARE the fantastic location for sunset / sunrise photographs of the gorgeous Taranaki maunga.

Mueller Hut

This red alpine hut has the most awesome sights of New Zealand’s tallest peak. Viewing sunset from its deck and snapping photos is iconic.

6. You are the …

One particular Who’s Generally Misplaced

There are persons who are directionally challenged, and then there are the people today who cannot obtain the keep track of when they’re literally standing on the monitor. The A person Who’s Normally Shed is often the latter, mostly simply because they’re much too fast paced staring at the look at or chatting with their fellow trampers.

This kind of tramper is ideal to befriend a King’s Scout Tramper who will keep them on the right monitor (practically). The A person Who’s Usually Missing need to tramp in a team and never ever go solo in buy to minimise their odds of needing a day with LandSAR.

Term of warning: whilst The One particular Who’s Usually Shed is ordinarily fine with mates, disaster is practically normally inescapable if the complete group is created up of this form of tramper, or if it consists solely of The A single Who’s Constantly Lost and The Yarn Spinner.

You could like these journeys:

Roys Peak

As insanely wonderful as these views are, it is a extremely simple trudge to the prime. It should really be unattainable to get missing climbing up a extremely apparent 4WD farm track, but even if you do, the hordes of folks will point you in the proper route.

Isthmus Peak

This is an different to the extremely preferred Roys Peak, with views about the two Lake Wānaka and Hāwea. Isthmus Peak is also a very simple-to-follow track for most of the climb.

7. You’re the …

King’s Scout Tramper

This is the teacher’s pet of tramping (and I imply that in the nicest way attainable). The King’s Scout Tramper is extremely seasoned and can normally be discovered in positions of management, organising difficult journeys or mentoring fewer skilled buddies. They have a good set of abilities and are comfy in tough terrain or off-track. They commonly like the independence of tenting to being in huts.

The King’s Scout Tramper has typically developed up tramping, or joined a tramping club at university. They do the job nicely with The Mountain Goat who’s up for any and all visits that The King’s Scout Tramper can arrive up with. But for their personal sanity, they ought to by no means be paired with an “Are We There Yet” Tramper. And for the appreciate of god, don’t enable them inside a kilometre of another person actively playing loud music from a Bluetooth speaker, or any one who thinks the Go away No Trace Concepts are what witness relocation officers use.

You may possibly like these visits:

Lake Nerine circuit

This four-working day, off-keep track of adventure desires someone experienced in navigation and route-getting. But the scrambling and sidling make looking at this wonderful alpine lake with your own eyes even sweeter.

Ruapehu Crater Lake

Obtaining to the top of Ruapehu’s effervescent crater lake consists of scrambling and route-getting in summer time, and alpine snow techniques in winter. It is a very exclusive knowledge looking at steam coming off the caldera!

8. You are the …

A person Who’s Generally Injured

This class is a little bit unfair as compared with the other types, this tramper doesn’t really pick out to be this way. It just type of generally … occurs. You would imagine the One particular Who’s Always Wounded frequently has to pull out of visits owing to damage, but what actually transpires is that they have either a high discomfort tolerance, or a entire disregard for any long lasting hurt they are doing, so they just appear on the excursions in any case.

The One particular Who’s Usually Wounded will come in two sub-teams pretty athletic (who frequently injures their joints participating in different sporting activities outside of tramping) or accident-vulnerable (who does not have to engage in a sport to injure themselves and can twist their ankle getting out of bed). The Meals Inspired Tramper is a great mate, guaranteeing typical breaks are taken, as is The King’s Scout Tramper who will know how to address any typical accidents that come up.

You may like this vacation:

Copland Track

Pulled a muscle mass on this (to be fair, instead lengthy) track? In no way concern, soak your aches and pains away in these organic very hot pools, suitable subsequent to the hut. (Just do not slide off the swing bridges on your way back).

9. You’re the …

Yarn Spinner

The Yarn Spinner is another expert tramper who generally has the excellent story to entertain their fellow trampers and hut-mates. They feel to know everybody they arrive throughout (or perhaps they’re just that helpful to absolutely everyone). They adore stopping to chat and review intentions, the weather conditions, monitor disorders, and so forth. (properly that could be how the dialogue starts off in any case, but 20 minutes later and they are speaking about the rate of kea beaks).

Yarn Spinners are fantastic company at huts or all around the campfire, running to maintain anyone entertained and laughing. They are a specifically best companion to the “Are We There Yet” Tramper, distracting them all through the stroll so that the kilometres seem to be to fly by. They must NOT be paired with The 1 Who’s Often Dropped, as this ordinarily final results in both of those trampers turning into distracted and disorientated.

You may possibly like these outings:

Breast Hill

Pakituhi Hut not much from the summit of Breast Hill and is bustling with Te Araroa as a result of-hikers in summer months. They’ll have a good deal of yarns to swap with you!

French Ridge Hut

Moutaineers and climbers have the finest stories, and if you are blessed you are going to experience some at this alpine hut in the shadow of Tititea / Mt Aspiring.

I hope you’ve loved this tongue-in-cheek summary of a variety of stereotypes you could find in tramping groups all-around the country. It is all in good pleasurable and not intended to be taken very seriously. I hope that you were being capable to see your self or your good friends in a person (or far more) of these kinds of trampers. Which just one are you? Don’t forget to choose the quiz and allow me know irrespective of whether it was precise for you!

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