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The Stillaguamish – Jenna Exterior

Image by Corey R.

For nearly 70 miles, the Stillaguamish River flows all the way from the North Cascades into the Puget Sound. Several tributary streams be part of its journey to the bay as it meanders south, then west, then forks all around islands ahead of reconnecting with itself. The deficiency of main dams enables it to move freely, and it is a wild river certainly, hurrying by means of slender, rocky canyons climbing and falling—fast—by a dozen or more toes and bringing life to the new- and aged-expansion trees that obtain at its edges. The river and its basin also present a refuge for numerous “keystone” species: Pacific salmon, beavers, grey wolves, woodpeckers, huge-eared bats, hummingbirds. These irreplaceable critters play these a critical function in holding an ecosystem with each other that have been we to eliminate any of them, the chain of gatherings would result in Washington’s ecological neighborhood, and so a lot of its natural beauty, to drop aside. The Stillaguamish is more gray than blue, even underneath brilliant skies, but daily life here is vibrant for the reason that of it, as it pours by itself into the biodiversity it sustains.

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