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Under the Belt with Sexologist and Zenzsual Co founder Dr. Sofia Herrera

21 Mar Under the Belt with Sexologist and Zenzsual Co founder Dr. Sofia Herrera

On today’s episode we are talkin’ ALL matters personal and likely under the belt with Dr. Sofia who has a wealth of understanding and is certainly so entertaining to follow. I am obsessed with her and her entire product or service line, and what they are carrying out for our women’s wellbeing, specially in midlife. Sexual wellbeing and dialogue often times feels “taboo”, but it’s a really vital topic for us to examine openly. In this episode, I questioned her ALL of the things that numerous of us would be much too afraid (or shy) to talk to!
Women’s wellness is mainly misunderstood. Contrary to males, women of all ages go by way of a great deal of modifications in everyday living and we are continuously obtaining to adapt. The deficiency of information about these alterations can direct girls to make decisions that could have some hazardous implications. Dr. Sofia set out to teach women, like us in midlife, much more personal sexual wellbeing.
Suffering In the course of Intercourse Soon after You Have a Newborn That Appears to be to Get Worse in Menopause and Midlife
Agony in the course of intercourse is the range 1 killer of someone’s sexual travel. When you are continually encountering discomfort, you are very likely not likely to desire or really like to get intimate. The discomfort after delivering a newborn is obviously induced by the hormonal changes a female goes by (irrespective of shipping and delivery process). For the duration of this time, a woman’s human body is prepared to feed and take care of the newborn, so all of the hormones manufactured in our brains and ovaries are essentially blocking desire and vaginal lubrication — which is the main perpetrator to the soreness you may possibly knowledge in the course of this time (in addition to the opportunity vaginal tear from shipping). Because girls are SO inventive, if we encounter discomfort and are not mindful of our body’s modifications, we may well bounce to conclusions that something is mistaken with us, and tuck away in our brains the “wanting” of intercourse. This is the simplest ache to ease with right lubrication or transforming our methods of entry.
What Must You Appear For in a Lubricant? 
There are a TON of lubricants out there. Regrettably, a ton of them bring about some not so pleasing facet results. The fantastic lubricant is drinking water based mostly. If it’s not drinking water based mostly, they are inclined to be oily, and will get caught in the tissues of the vagina and can cause a host of infections. You also want to make positive you use a person with out glycerine, with out silicone, without fragrance/taste, with no phenoxyethanol, and with out parabens. All of these can cause actually bad aspect effects. In addition to being h2o based, you want to search for 1 that is really fantastic for you even Following intercourse. Just one with hyaluronic acid is essentially actually moisturizing for your overall body (who realized that you should be moisturizing your vagina?!)
What Occurs to Vaginas as We Age? 
Our bodies and vulva rely a lot on estrogen. As we age, our hormones adjust and diminish. When the estrogen commences to dip, we can get seriously dry. When we age, our vagina loses the capacity of retaining as a great deal water as it did earlier. When this comes about, we can working experience dryness. Think about a sponge. When it’s moist, it’s plump and complete and spongy. When it’s dry, its shriveled, jagged, and just not as plump and entire. This is specifically what happens as we age, which is why moisturizing your vagina with substantial good quality gels is SO critical. Performing like drinking water to a sponge, the gels getting added day by day to your vagina (equally externally and internally), you will primarily “keep your sponge wet”, wholesome, and plump.
What is Going on With the Odor Down There in Midlife? 
After a girl receives her 1st time period, and all the way even earlier menopause, a woman will get a smell that is extremely distinct to that space of her body. It’s NOT a smell of bouquets, or strawberry! Sorry ladies. Nope, it can not smell like perfume. It smells like a vagina and is marginally acidic. And yes, when we exercise, it could possibly scent like B.O. since it is really the only other location on our overall body (the folds among our legs and vulva) that has the exact same kind of glands as our armpits do! It is standard (even if we never like it!) Even if we don’t like the odor, it is NOT nutritious to clear within your vagina (like with a douche). When you do this, you have an effect on your microbiota in the vaginal microbiome that protects us from infections. The ONLY safe and sound location to clean is the exterior vulva — NOT the inside. The inside is like an oven, and cleans the inside of itself. To cleanse your vulva, make absolutely sure you are utilizing some thing smooth that has NO detergent (look for SYNDET), consists of hyaluronic acid, and other excellent elements for your girl parts like Zenzsual cleanser has. Make certain you are not over-cleaning and only wash like 1-2 times per working day.
Listen, this and SO Significantly Much more (such as toys and techniques) is on the episode! You have gotta tune in and learn what Dr. Sophia has to share with us.
About Dr. Sofia
Sofía Herrera Mendoza is a renowned Venezuelan medical doctor specialist in gynecology, obstetrics, hysteroscopy, laser, and Personal Mentor. In addition to medication, her passion is education and learning, which is why she has focused to informing through traditional and different media. In 2017, she came to the United States as a “Celebrity Doctor” in the data space by social networks. With personalities these kinds of as Ingrid Matcher and María Marín, she maintains weekly info programs via various platforms.
With much more than 20 a long time of experience, Dr. Herrera has been a pioneer in social networks, creating open up interaction on concerns concerning women’s in depth wellness.  She is the writer of 2 Publications: “Tu Cuerpo” and “Basta de Hacerte Pipí en Los Pantalones”, both equally Very best Sellers in categories of new releases on Amazon. She wrote them in purchase to inform and inform that they should really be conscious that know-how is the most productive device to protect against or take care of health conditions early with bigger good results and a good influence on health and fitness.
Her guidance can also be acquired at “Your Personal Health”, wherever jointly with Dr. Klara Senior, she is co-founder and major speaker for the Zenzsual manufacturer.
Sofia Herrera wan to distribute her well being message for females and adolescents in get to definitely make empowerment by means of the acutely aware transformation of healthy behavior.
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In this episode, you will discover:

Why we may possibly working experience pain throughout intercourse in midlife
Why correct lubrication and moisturizing is essential below the belt
What you want to do to just take treatment of on your own down there in midlife


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