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Vinyasa Movement Sequencing: A Delicate Art

Standout Sequencing
Do you from time to time sense like you&#8217re lacking that further minor little bit that normally takes a class from simple to outstanding?  It is quick to run dry at instances when it comes to being inspired for our sequencing and we may come to feel that we are becoming repetitive or lacking in creativity.  Right here&#8217s a several tips on maintaining classes imaginative and clean without the need of more than complicating just for the sake of it.  These important details have worked for me and I hope they operate for you as well.

Construction: Have a primary framework to your course, a class skeleton that you do the job from and that is effective for you, so that you don&#8217t have to totally rewrite your lessons every single time.  You may possibly tweak it at periods if you experience some thing is not operating or can be enhanced, but adhere to a base template to simplify your teaching. Inside of that framework, you can introduce new postures just about every week and your courses will still usually experience contemporary to your yogis.
Tale: Work with a theme to each individual course.  It will enable your pupils to discover and increase and will enable your educating to be centered and your guidance in class to follow a crystal clear thread.
Simplicity: Maintain it simple. If you are executing a course on the chakras for case in point, get the job done with one particular at a time.  Don&#8217t overload your students or they will retain pretty minor.  As considerably as we may well be fluent in what we instruct, our learners are typically not, so it is finest that we deliver the teachings in workable chunk measurement choices of expertise that they can carry on to chew on after course absorbing the teachings.
Electricity: In the similar way as you hold the topic straightforward, do not overload them with postures. Create up to a peak posture slowly, layering the postures in a way that makes perception anatomically, fairly than throwing things in just for the reason that&#8230. Significantly less is a lot more.
Enjoy: If you are stuck in a rut and deficiency inspiration, get out. Go and see an art exhibition, a movie at the cinema, go for a bicycle ride or a wander, something that will freshen up your standpoint. Inspiration arrives to us as significantly off the mat, as on the mat.
Rate: Slow it down. Do not rush your course via the follow. Give your college students time to working experience the postures and the problem in every single posture. Permit time and house to breathe.
Savour: Allow for adequate downtime. Pupils really like savasana. Don&#8217t shorter-improve them!

I will be training a workshop in March with an prospect for you to refine your sequencing techniques.  We&#8217ll examine how to continue to be inspired and keep our pupils interested and invested.  The session will be interactive and you will have the chance to put the teachings into observe with group function.  We have prolonged the workshop to 2 times following feedback from previous workshops that 1 1/2 times wasn&#8217t plenty of time to take a look at and play!  Discover out extra and ebook in this article. Hope to see you there.
All the very best, Erika

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