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WAG Bag (Squander Alleviation and Gelling)

Anyone who has been with me on a Cuillin ridge traverse understands I communicate about sanitation and the value of retaining our h2o sources clean. We talk about choices of burring, frosting and dispersing, burning the bathroom roll to the greatest of our abilities and how we should not use any wipes even if they are claimed to be bio-degradable. My preferred aspect for all sanitation is the Courisk side as this is absent from all the common h2o sources climbers, walkers and locals rely on.
The system across the pond wherever they cannot depend on the regular rain to wash absent and dilute waste is WAG luggage, typically commonly available in large targeted visitors places and very simple to use. Yes, they generate new complications with a lot of squander which demands to be deposited in a bin and landfill but they maintain the drinking water clear and environment pleasant for other individuals.
The WAG bag, is a bag in a bag, silver so it does not prepare dinner in the solar, has a gelling agent just in scenario you wee and poo alongside one another or have a runny one and has toilet roll with a solitary wipe for your fingers later on, all pretty uncomplicated with no taboo of employing.
I believe they could be more convenient to the poo tubes trailed at Cairngorm NP and could be at each individual principal hillwalking automobile park, subsequent to a bin.
If offered would you use it and have it?
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