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Winter season Wellness Tai Chi Qigong & Yin Restorative Yoga Evening – Transitioning to Winter – Yoga Lily

Winter Wellness Tai Chi Qigong & Yin Restorative Yoga Evening – Transitioning to WinterJoin us for our Wintertime rebalancing Yin Yang follow of Tai Chi Qigong and Yin & Restorative Yoga – ending with Yoga Nidra (yogic slumber) to near the night. This chaotic time of the 12 months can be so demanding and demanding for both the physique and mind – by this evening we will launch tension and stress, rest, and luxuriate in nourishing tactics, to soothe and align the intellect, overall body and soul, permitting go of the year to bringing harmony for the new 12 months and new prospects in advance. Lily will guideline a enjoyment, flowing Tai Chi and Qigong follow to refresh our energies and nourish our souls, releasing stagnant Qi, stiffness and tightness through muscle, tendon and joint launch. She will introduce Traditional Chinese Drugs for self cultivation (Yang Sheng), to make improvements to health and wellness to maintain high quality of lifestyle, and uncover how to use simple acupressure details to assistance boosting the Qi and increase our immunity method. Following will be a deeply nourishing Yin & Restorative Yoga practice to restore Qi electricity flow in the course of the overall body, transitioning into a deeply calming 30 minute Yoga Nidra observe with David—also identified as yogic sleep—a meditation and aware rest exercise that induces whole physical, psychological, and emotional rest.Closing the night with light-weight refreshments a chat and farewells as our night will come to a peaceful near.Newcomers welcome, ideal for everyoneDetails & BookingDate: Sunday 3rd DecemberVenue: Windmill Hill Golf CentreTime: 4pm to 6:45pmPractice – 4pm to 6pmSoft Beverages and Nibbles – to 6:45pmInvestment: £36These occasions are pretty well-known and spaces are allotted on a first come 1st served basis, ebook now to prevent disappointment.
Tranquility and peace are a most superb reward you can give your self – Indulge on your own with this blissful east fulfills west observe of Qigong and Yin Yoga to transition into the winter seasonBenefits of Tai Chi & QigongTai Chi & Qigong improves overall flexibility, stability and muscular strength – and has a useful effect on the respiratory method. Each individual work out features soft, prolonged and even movements that invigorate the limbs and interior organs.Who is it for?Tai Chi & Qigong and Yin & Restorative yoga is suitable for ‘every physique,’ no matter if you are new to Tai Chi Qigong & Yoga or a normal yoga practitioner.  The postures practiced in these types of tai chi qigong and yoga are passive and designed to encourage the meridian energy pathways and parasympathetic anxious method, inducing a point out of head, system and spirit harmony and balance.Total newbies are welcome.Why Tai Chi Qigong :Qi : Air, electricity, existence force, breath, essential vitality.Gong : effort, discipline, skill, movement. Suitable for any age and any skill, Qigong requires no products and is easy to apply anyplace. It strengthens immunity, builds inner endurance, eases serious disease and relieves typical illnesses by stimulating the move of power Qi.Qigong is a Chinese process of holistic health and fitness observe, Qigong brings human body, breathing and intellect jointly to complete slow actions, opening the circulation of essential vitality Qi in meridians.Qigong movements heat tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue tonify essential organs and connective tissues increases circulation in the human body, serving to long-term ailment, stressCalms the psychological and emotional statesQigong can harmonise, bolster and have a therapeutic result on the functioning of the interior organs and bodily systemsQigong is light, calm, slow, smooth and consistent like flowing drinking water or floating cloudsQigong is an part of Chinese medication as yoga is component of Ayurveda.Historically, yoga and Qigong have distinctive actions and postures and target, but they both likewise use the breath to move vitality and invoke a meditative condition. Yoga and Qigong can also be used jointly to deliver a additional heightened consciousness.What is Yin & Restorative Yoga?Yin & Restorative yoga works by using passively held poses, generally for 3 to 5 minutes, to stimulate, align and unblock the bodies myofascial meridian vitality pathways restoring Qi energy (prana) and calming the anxious procedure bringing the brain, physique and spirit again in to balance.Turning into still in a pose and staying for a while makes area, letting sensations and normally unconscious feelings to floor and release from your method. This way you apparent the thoughts without acquiring caught up in the tales of these thoughts.Yin yoga is particularly for you if your strength stages are sensation depleted or you if are over-stimulated with your mind overactive or your power degrees erratic.Mixed advantages of Tai Chi Qigong & YogaCalms & balances the mind and bodyReduces strain and anxietyIncreases circulationImproves flexibilityReleases fascia and improves joint mobilityBalances the internal organs and increases the stream of Qi (prana)TipsFind your appropriate edge: Go bit by bit and gently into the pose. Do not go straight to your “maximum” in the pose and under no circumstances stretch so much as to bring about painStillness: consciously try to launch into the pose, and to stay even now, without the need of fidgeting or altering situation as well a great deal

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